No, I checked my receipt……I didn’t buy any of your bullshit .

So the story goes like this ,

Mars and Ruby were best friends … Mars and Ruby shared everything with each other…Mars and Ruby couldn’tve been happier …one fine morning Mars finds proof that Ruby had been ‘bad -mouthing ‘ her ,behind her back ….Mars confronted Ruby ….Ruby had the nerve to deny everything ….Mars cut all ties with Ruby….. The End.

It’s absolutely heart breaking to find out that someone who you genuinely trusted, was actually backstabbing you the whole time.

As this incident had been bothering me more that it should have for a while now , I sat down with my laptop to list out all the possible reasons which could’ve prompted her to do so. I came up with half hearted and vague answers like ” I must’ve misjudged her ” and ” maybe she’s just in a rough patch right now ” .

Sometimes people are like that , they hurt you and probably run you over with a monster truck as well.

What you gotta do is dust off that sand, get back on your feet and knock that bitch out!

Knowing this ,I sulked for a couple of days and cleared all our pictures together from my phone , drank a sum total of 16 mugs of coffee (I kept count) and listened to angry playlists .

But then later I realised that it’s her loss and that I’m too glam to give a damn😉.

Know what I did?

I put my hair up in a bun and went on a Percy Jackson marathon😊 ( And there goes the last fuck I gave) .

I found it quiet ridiculous to dwell on the people who have already let me down and decided to focus on the one’s who love me and are actually worthy of my time and energy.

Well at least, I got a blog post outta that crappy incident right?




Well , you gotta start sometime !

20th April 2018

I eye the blank sheet in front of me warily , cursing the writers block to the depths of tartarus .

Sweat trickles down the side of my face as I keep my pen poised , waiting for the words to flow onto the page.

“Ugh ! This is frustrating ! ”

It’s a quiet Friday morning (well, as quiet as it can be in this area, which is not much really 😋) and a crow is chuntering away at my window as I “try” to upload my first ever blog post.

I’ve been putting this off for almost a month now and when the guilt finally started eating at my soul ,I opened my laptop and started a blog account only to be confronted by a blank screen every time I tried to write something.

No, I’m usually never this nervous .

I have random thoughts fleeting through my brain all the time and if I don’t keep scripting them once in a while , I feel like one of those champagne bottles that erupts as soon as u pull out the cork.

Yet, the excitement and fear of doing something I’ve never done before had me hesitating .

I closed my eyes and pictured all the moments I wanted to capture , all the little things in life I wanted to reminisce.

And slowly but resolutely here I am! 😄

As the Cheshire Cat said to Alice,

” If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there “

I don’t wanna portray someone with an intense coming of age story nor do I want to preach maturity or gloat on how amazing a person I am (I’m not btw).

No , I want you to have a glimpse through the curtains of my life . Know me for the introverted , chubby, bespectacled, booklover that I am .

Get a sneak peek of what I really feel cause, there’s no one particular person in this whole world who I feel should know everything about me .

So I hope this turns out to be a fun read !

Lol that’s it

I’m done 😁

Until next time ……


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